ZAWOUNI - Zakat and Waqf Online University

ZAWOUNI, which stands for Zakat and Waqf Online University, is an initiative by WZWF (World Zakat and Waqf Forum) to establish an academic platform for zakat managers and practitioners from around the world. The goal of ZAWOUNI is to provide a comprehensive learning environment where zakat administrators can enhance their skills and knowledge to improve zakat management performance in their respective countries.

ZAWOUNI aims to strengthen the capacity of zakat managers globally, particularly in countries that are in the process of developing zakat and waqf institutions. By offering online courses and educational programs, ZAWOUNI facilitates the exchange of knowledge and experiences among zakat professionals from different regions.

Through ZAWOUNI, zakat administrators can access crucial training and resources that will help them optimize the potential of zakat and waqf as instruments of Islamic philanthropy. The focus is not only on national scales but also on a global level, recognizing the significance of zakat and waqf in promoting the well-being of the Muslim community worldwide.

In summary, ZAWOUNI serves as an online university dedicated to enhancing the competence of zakat managers and promoting literacy on zakat and waqf. It aims to create a collaborative and academically-driven platform where zakat practitioners can learn essential skills and contribute to the advancement of zakat management practices globally.


To be A Global Center of Zakat and Waqf Learning and Education in 2023


  1. Providing Zakat and Waqf learning platform at the global level;
  2. Developing innovations in the management of Zakat and Waqf institution; and
  3. Creating professionals and academics in the field of Zakat and Waqf.


  1. Expanding insight and knowledge of Zakat and Waqf;
  2. Developing an effective management of Zakat and Waqf institution; and
  3. Producing human resources for Zakat and Waqf institutions.